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Years Past Matter

by Krallice

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ribsgibson The first four Krallice in order are essential usbm releases... usually bands with long tracks get tiring, but with Krallice it's always fresh. Plus the new remaster jobs give them all new life. Favorite track: IIIIIIIIII.
Dan Every
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Dan Every Uniquely possessing a weird kind of shrill fragility amidst the hammering. Obviously the careful production does a lot to make that possible. A seminal and singular contemporary wall of sound. Favorite track: IIIIIIIIIIII.
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bcb723 The pinnacle of the first era of Krallice. This album was so powerful they took 3 years to make their next move. It is almost as if they realized how far they had taken their vision with these songs and needed to take a breath afterwards. A challenging and phenomenal work. 10/10 Favorite track: IIIIIIIIIIII.
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IIIIIII (music initiation: CM, words: LW) The serpent Coils upon coils A thousand thousand fathoms Coils upon coils Scales shroud the earth And the facets of cabochon eyes Become as the sun The firmament becomes a Writhing tapestry It welcomes the procession Of the penitent They seek favor, compelled By orgiastic terror In echopraxic convulsions Hollow prostrations To outdistance doom To stave off an ending Coils curl on coils Writhing as if Towering roots Surging from the earth From the skies And all your anthrosophy is as dust Neither memory nor ghost remains So bow your head And raise your eyes no more Bow your head and raise your eyes no more
IIIIIIII (music initiation and words: MB) Carried over and off Left back timing in miles Sheer immanence Shelved behind other things Beholding impermanence and felt the founding Was following in the fire Flickering ancience and forward movement Time begs not your condolence Respect in passage Spend time in time Let the anger simmer Into the hair of the oath Forestall all judgement as heresy The corner awaits As this plane fades and morphs The interloper must exit Time folds, caught in the… Dignity take grace and kneel Shadow not this blessed indifference Fear shall maintain everlastly
IIIIIIIII (music initiation and words: MB) Forgotten forth Heavying fog of seniority Breeding our own passage Anchor the ideals to life Lead load bearing strips of faith Strings of science Strings of mysticism Distant start, victimize thyself The hate ability is relief Acknowledge and set the cage alight For it is a gift Love of all is pain
IIIIIIIIII (music initiation: CM, words: LW) Have your steps brought you home, brother? Have you seen again The silent tomb of our father The divine shade of our mother Have you heard her whispered pad Under the rotting beams Of once elegant archways Gardens reclaimed by earth And stone subsumed by vine The fields of men who lie In stupor, taking succor From ashes Unaware they have wasted To mere impressions Crumbling mosaics and the Silent banners Of long-faded triumphs Lacrimae mundi The world has grown old And its tears no longer deluge In youthful torrents But crawl in procession Stately and resigned As the glory is gone It fled while we watched With crossed arms Proud and haughty, stares upon our features And you and I, brother, will never be gods.
IIIIIIIIIII (music initiation: NM)
IIIIIIIIIIII (music initiation and words: MB) Time breeds challenge Change what little remains Breed outside of time Brood of temporal outcasts


digital files here are the original 2012 master.
for 2019 remaster see The Wastes Of Time...


released August 25, 2012


all rights reserved



Krallice Queens, New York

formed in 2007. woodhaven queens nyc. black metal or not.

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