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bcb723 thumbnail
bcb723 Dizzy and head-spinning, this is a difficult but great work. Merges the angular Krallice sound towards doom metal in certain parts. Adding Dave Edwardson from Neurosis pays benefits, but this pairing would be used to much greater effect on 2020's "Mass Cathexis." Still hard to believe that this was made at the same time as Go Be Forgotten... incredible. Favorite track: Loüm.
Grimmrobe thumbnail
Grimmrobe A vicious, exhausting display of raw talent. Krallice does it again. Favorite track: Retrogenesis.
silenceeater thumbnail
silenceeater Finally Krallice has stepped out from behind the wall of noise and while still being lo-fi you can make out all the brilliant riffs of all members. The inclusion of Dave E. is masterful. This is my favorite record of theirs by far! Favorite track: Loüm.
blbthabeast thumbnail
blbthabeast This album is relentless from start to finish! As a fan of both Krallice and Neurosis this collaboration fires on all cylinders for me. It's mathy, chaotic, heavy, catchy and grindy all at the same time. Dave's vocals fit perfectly and add punch with that signature apocalyptic bellow. This is an incredible album that must be owned!
halfwayridiculed thumbnail
halfwayridiculed This is everything I love about Krallice: riffs suffer unpredictable mutations, melt and flow into one another before shattering in moments of crisis. Favorite track: Etemenanki.
D-Lish thumbnail
D-Lish Krallice has been making incredible records for a long time, they deserve more recognition!!!!! Favorite track: Rank Mankind.
Etemenanki 08:22
Etemenanki music initiate: CM words: DE, NM
 Consciousness resuming at a deeper level Forgotten realms remembered, false constructs revealed Unhindered reflexive intuition, abstract insights: revelations Scrape away the mundane dross 
 Glimpsing higher insights Trusted self reflections - gnostic introspection 
 Buried deep and hidden inside, we feel the truth but hear the lie  The self deceit, our thoughts clouded by fear and doubt 
 Lost in a world of confusion, disillusioned Deluded into disbelief of our own nature The voice inside is speaking but we’re deaf to it 
 Lying to ourselves, lie to each other Hiding from ourselves Hiding from the other, empathy is smothered Distrust one another War in our minds, wars in the world In this flesh prison drive to supersede in endless ego 
 As if every synapse struck out to rule, to be king.
Rank Mankind 05:06
Rank Mankind music initiate: CM words: DE
 Little man is rank mankind Common people’s worthless lives 
 Little man, you’re useless to me I hate you, you have no value Here to serve the likes of me 
 Businesses built on your backs and your toil Fills the pockets of those with hands too good to touch the soil 
 Rank Mankind x 4 
 Stuck in this game of their creation They made the rules and declared themselves the winners 
 We bought and sold your dreams since before you took your first breath We’ve owned you since your birth, and we’ll own you ’til your death Our power is immutable, we are the modern kings And we’ll always have a piece of you you’re all just our playthings We are the secret masters and you are our slaves
Retrogenesis 03:31
Retrogenesis music initiate: NM words: DE
 Static regression, a life maligning force Entropic stagnation, continuous decline Global demise is encroaching Eternal capitulation 
 Progress reversed  De-evolution, no absolution Zero sum solution 
 Building and building and building towards what?  
 A kingdom of fools ruled by a tyranny of greedy bastards Exaggerated fears gives them their power through division 
 Retrogenesis x 4
Loüm 08:01
Loüm music initiate: MB words: DE
 Loüm the giant black obelisk stands before me Nothing left behind, nowhere but forward No way to go forward but up, up The mighty wall seems to touch the sky There’s no way around, or stay and die 
 The forces behind me are drawing ever closer No choice left, I must climb the ancient black monolith 
 Climbing, climbing, ever higher Foothold by small foothold Careful not to fall from the growing heights Making haste to escape what lies below 
 Feeling the presence of evil nearing its way toward me Ascending the titan Loüm is the only path to sanctuary 
 Half-awake, half-dead, exhausted and half-crazed Has this crossing been hours or has it been days?  Hungry, tired, in a trance, yet I must push on  With bloody hands and feet and knees I near the crest of Loüm As this odyssey nears its close I fear what lies beyond
Kronus Deposed music initiate: CM words: DE, MB
 Distrust, fear Separation is the division that binds us Broken minds in a distorted world, out of balance Incongruous and tenuous 
 The fear that permeates this world is a sickness A plight on mankind, a blight to our world 
 This monstrosity of creation moves forth Earth constantly threatens Age constantly beckons The looming is beyond tangible


Dave Edwardson - Vocals and Synths
Colin Marston - Guitar
Lev Weinstein - Drums
Mick Barr - Guitar and Vocals
Nicholas McMaster - Bass and Vocals

Recorded May and August 2017 at Menegroth the Thousand Caves, Woodhaven Queens NYC by Colin Marston. thethousandcaves.com
Synth tracks played by Dave at the Vintage Synth Museum, recorded by Lance Hill. vintagesynthesizermuseum.com
Cover art painted by Carl Auge. carlauge.com


released October 27, 2017


all rights reserved



Krallice Queens, New York

formed in 2007. woodhaven queens nyc. black metal or not.

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